About Us

Coolamon – used by First Nations to carry things, such as tools, food and as cradles for babies. Using the Coolamon life-cradle metaphor, this Indigenous-led CRC will engage and empower Australian First Nation peoples. It will nurture and develop genuine and long-lasting environmental benefits and deliver tangible inclusive economic growth outcomes. Built on new models of collaboration derived from a developed mutual respect between Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Western Science practitioners, the Coolamon CRC embraces purposeful end-to-end engagement, rejecting ad hoc transactions or tokenistic inclusion.Partnerships based on biodiversity and First Nation involvement will have cultural, community and commercial benefits across all of Australia, particularly regional Australia, as well as internationally.The Coolamon CRC is more than a garden-to-table experience. It is a vision for a First Nation led and operated incubator - a research-based business concept to transcend Australia’s First Nations into global leaders in community, research, industry and government approaches to land care, sustainability, custodianship and harvesting.